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The need for a reliable and convenient mobile security solution

trustmobileThe rise of smartphones, tablets and wearables has been dramatic; these mobile devices have changed the way we communicate, work, shop, bank and pay. And at the heart of the mobile experience is the app. According to eMarketer, consumers will this year spend an average of three hours a day using their smartphones, and 87% of that time will be spent using apps.

But as mobile apps increasingly become the main way we engage with the world, hackers are shifting their focus to attack apps containing highly valuable and security critical data.

Hackers know a successful data breach could net them financial details, social network logins, mobile network account details and perhaps enough to commit identity fraud.

This is why those providing applications and infrastructure for mobile services such as banks, governments or any other large enterprises need to adopt a vigilant attitude towards these threats and help consumers feel safe with solutions that effectively protect against vulnerabilities and do not intrude on the user experience.

In order to achieve this, it is crucial to understand what consumers need and expect from their mobile devices and their perceptions of mobile security.

With this in mind, Gemalto commissioned a study of more than 1,300 adult smartphone users in Brazil, the Netherlands, Singapore, South Africa, the UK and the US, asking them about their mobile behavior and security expectations. Some of the key findings are below.

Security and convenience are the priorities:

  • 80% say reliability and security are the most valuable attributes of a paid app. Speed and convenience are also important (48%)
  • 60% expect security on their smartphones to be easy and frictionless
  • 80% want to see a security symbol on apps; this can range from visible icons to show that everything is operating as intended, to secure login procedures like biometric authentication – fingerprint, facial recognition, iris scanning and so on. This shows how important it is for users to feel secure

The right security would lead to considerable opportunities for business growth:

  • 70% say they would like to store digital identity documents such as passports or national ID cards on their smartphone if they knew all their apps were completely secure
  • 66% would perform more digital transactions
  • 38% would use their phone to access their house or apartment

As our lives increasingly exist on mobile, it is imperative that we can trust the devices and services we use every day. This is why we need mobile security solutions that are purpose-built to support multiple security frameworks, both at the software and hardware level, to deliver best-in-class digital security and facilitate service deployment in a fragmented mobile market.

To read the complete findings of the survey, along with a series of recommendations to help build greater trust in the mobile ecosystem and deliver a safe, secure and convenient experience for users, download the report: Building trust in mobile apps: the consumer perspective.

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