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Why should you move your data warehousing to Cloud?

BigdataDo your applications generate lots of data and logs? Do you want to derive real-time insights from your streaming data? Do you see a need for on-demand or "what-if" analysis on huge datasets spanning millions of rows? Do you have data silos in your organization and are you concerned about how to efficiently store and mine information across silos?

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HP Workforce Optimization Helps Enterprise Contact Centers Drive More Successful Customer Interactions

CallCenter414MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Dec. 1, 2015 - Several years ago, HP restructured the company's practice and focused on contact center offerings, resulting in the development of the HP WFO Software group.

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Big Data and… Intuition?

big-dataintuicionEven though many people may consider this association unthinkable, Tom Davenport in an article in the Harvard Business Review reflects on how the mayor level of analysis and spontaneity are interlaced.

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Business Intelligence, a certain way towards greater profitability?

BusinIt is true that we are driving the digital age, but it is true that also could be called the era of data. The crux of the issue is what we do with data, how manage it intelligently. Every day thousands of contact centers are trying to optimize their databases, in the majority of cases without success. And one more time calling people who already said that they would not buy or at times where can only leave a message on the answering machine that never will be answered.

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The year’s “sweethearts”: Customer Engagement and Big Data

pareja-anilloCan we achieve a high commitment degree (“engagement”) with our customers without knowing them? The answer, which is negative, will not be long in coming. It is simply impossible to win the hearts of the customers if we do not know them.

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Here’s How the Internet of Everything Will Change Everything

IoE1When I look around the corner at critical technology opportunities and trends, here are some of the things I see: A new Internet with better security, lower bandwidth requirements, and seamless mobility. A world where non-experts can design and manage complex business processes without the help of a “techie.” A smart home that not only monitors energy use, but your family’s vital signs as well. Virtual personal assistants (maybe embedded in a contact lens or even in our bodies) that understand human behavior, help prioritize our work and encourage us to eat a diet that relates to our current health needs.

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How Big Data is Influencing Big Companies

BigdataA recent survey by New Vantage Partners, a data and analytics consulting company, sheds light on what large organizations are actually doing with big data initiatives.

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