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Learning and Development Trends of 2016: A Matter worth the Second Glance

4claveFor the past five years, you probably see an avalanche of predictions on Learning & Development programs that will somehow set the tone for organizations every year. The list is nothing new---- Mobile Learning, E-Learning, and Gamification are always at the top, among others. The list, like reading your horoscope becomes an entertaining piece; it showcases the bells and whistles of what’s to come and what’s hot or not in the next 1-3 years.

It’s a great reminder that the Learning and Development landscape is evolving and that the technology is gaining a greater influence on gaming and assimilating learning.

However, it would be best to leave these to the early adopters, and the agilest organizations that have the luxury of iterating various methodologies and components into their learning organizations to see what is effective and what will make sense to bring in the much-needed results. Overall, the time-tested principles remain the same: speed, delivery, and results. It’s how organizations evolve their learning pieces to these time-tested principles that make a difference and a dent on how L&D is executed, may it be trend-based or not.

ROI Is Still the Biggest Deal

Whether you like it or not, learning and the luxury of it should result in well, results. Quality, productivity, application, and customer satisfaction are great outcomes, but all of these should translate into tangible results for the enterprise. Usually, it’s the “how to get these results” factors that figure into the equation such as downtime, defect rates, the number of incidents, customer perception that make learning impact more meaningful. Today, more than ever, better and faster results as on outcome is the primary reason why most of the Learning Programs become highly embedded in pay for performance mechanisms both in the long and the short term. Accelerated curriculums have also become the go-to methodology to prepare the worker for the job. The programs become weeks instead of years, saving money and providing employees with exactly the skills they need. These programs are also instrumental in reducing the cost of recruitment and onboarding for the hiring firm. Applications of the 70-20-10 Experience-based systems have helped the bigger organizations cope with the works/learning demands of the organization by delivering faster ROI-based results.

Data Analytics

While Big data is big everywhere, it hasn’t been clear on how it has impacted organizations just yet. It is clear, however, that every year organizations will have more and more data to process, which is why all learning organizations will have to employ big data analytics and analysts to make sense of the user-generated information. Correct synthesis of analytics can help in better understanding the learning and Impact process itself – by tracking learner and group patterns and performing a thorough feedback analysis, organizations will be able to adjust and deliver on what matters the most to their bottom line.


This is a probably the most important aspect of Learning and Development in the next few years. How do you create and impart learning that will have an impact on the bottom line at the fastest possible time? While Experiential Learning Model (70-20-10) becomes the obvious choice to accelerate workplace development, the classroom scenario is also a space worth taking a look into. A most recent study reveals that traditional face to face classroom training can already be accelerated to as much as 80% using the right tools and pedagogies. This is where the ever evolving piece of blended learning comes into play.

A few years back, a lot of analysts pointed out that eLearning and M-Learning will revolutionize the classrooms. While much of them is true, technology use becomes more effective, efficient, and optimized thru a hybridized mono + hi-tech framework of learning. A more concrete example of this is blending in the Flipped Classroom and Gamification concepts to the eLearning modules.

Experts agree that applying game dynamics to non-gaming contexts brings really great results – most importantly, in motivating people to achieve their goals. This feature can be easily applied to learning and eLearning environments. Gamification offers a potential strategy for improving user engagement with eLearning materials – some experts claim that the technique can boost learner's motivation and retention to a smashing 90% recall rate. It's quite simple; once learners undertake an active role in knowledge interaction, they will automatically improve their chances at remembering it.

In Summary

The trends of this year are very similar to what was predicted 3-5 years back. It’s being able to make effective use---mix and match of these trends that make for a compelling business case in boosting overall human capital performance at the end of the day. It’s also the ability to find a formula that will work for an organization that will highlight the proper usage and results of these applications.


The TDS Difference

We at TeleDevelopment Services, Inc. understand that Learning and Development programs are keys to driving the achievement of an organization’s overall goal through its people. For more than 25 years, TDS has been helping clients build their capability and stay ahead of the game with highly relevant and essential development and skills training for entry level agents to senior leaders, and the same goes for 2016 onwards. Our L&D team is well equipped with the knowledge on latest trends, and the current challenges and needs of the BPO and Call Center industry to ensure every program impacts the goals of the organizations we support.

Take your people to the next level through our L&D Programs! Contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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