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Beepsend and Qmatic Partner to Optimize the Customer Journey Experience

beepsendMALMÖ, Sweden and MÖLNDAL, Sweden- Beepsend and Qmatic have joined to launch a new, powerful communication management module for Orchestra 6, Qmatic's market leading customer journey management platform.

By integrating Beepsend's award-winning SMS messaging services API with the built-in communication module in Orchestra 6, Qmatic is now able to provide a seamless and global SMS solution for partners and customers worldwide. Efficient communication throughout the journey significantly enhances the user experience.

Across all targeted industries, including retail, banking, healthcare and the public sector, integrating SMS services results in shorter queue times and increased customer satisfaction. Visitors can book appointments in advance, check-in via an onsite kiosk, and receive communications and alerts via SMS.

Qmatic Group leads the market in customer journey management technology solutions. The Orchestra platform and analytics provide the insights to better orchestrate customer interactions, offer timely promotions, and optimize staff and resource planning in more than 120 countries.

Beepsend contributes their Tier 1 A2P, application to person, SMS messaging industry market expertise, global network connectivity, advanced routing and delivery capabilities. Recently voted as a top four messaging vendors worldwide by mobile network operators, Beepsend offers reliable and secure messaging services. The new global SMS Message Service can be integrated quickly, setting up your local SMS gateway powered by Beepsend in less than a minute to allow for instant real-time engagement with customers and employees, manage appointments and reminders and create alerts.

"We are extremely happy with the Beepsend partnership and our joint offering," says Sven-Olof Husmark, Qmatic CMO. "Making it easy for our partners and subsidiaries around the world to offer powerful means of communication was a key objective entering into this partnership. The combined solutions will take away the hassle of setting up local SMS gateways, helping our sales channel to provide faster time to value when it comes to SMS solutions for customers and employees."

"Qmatic and Beepsend are a strong match as we cater to similar industry segments such as retail, travel and banking. Beepsend's connectivity and market knowledge enables Qmatic clients worldwide to quickly and easily use SMS features provided i n the Qmatic portfolio. We are pleased to be involved in Qmatic's efforts to make queuing systems easier and more efficient, saving customers time and improving satisfaction rates." says Elisabeth Brevenson, Beepsend CEO


About Beepsend: Beepsend, a Swedish mobile messaging supplier delivers Tier 1 cloud-based communication services for enterprises, aggregators and operators worldwide. Through our unique in-house API platform, we are able to drive your traffic while reducing costs. With over 800 mobile operator network connections worldwide, Beepsend enables businesses to connect to their customers anywhere, anytime.

About Qmatic: Qmatic Group leads the market in customer journey management technology solutions. For more than 30 years, we have helped public and private organizations create remarkable customer experiences with software and hardware solutions that seamlessly connect online and onsite engagements. Every year we enable 2 billion customer journeys across 120 countries. Qmatic has its headquarters in Sweden and is represented globally through a broad network of subsidiaries and partners.

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