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The year’s “sweethearts”: Customer Engagement and Big Data


Can we achieve a high commitment degree (“engagement”) with our customers without knowing them? The answer, which is negative, will not be long in coming. It is simply impossible to win the hearts of the customers if we do not know them.

That is the reason why we state that: customer engagement and big data make up “the year’s sweethearts”.

Let’s see through an example how this tandem team works. What does the customer feel when he has a call and he is offered the same service and product, which he already has firmly denied? We are talking about a scene repeated a thousand times at the contact centers around the world and let’s make it clear that this does not happen because the representative wants to alter the customer’s will, but because of the disorganized data management at the data base.

On the other hand, don’t we feel “fascinated” when entering the Amazon site this suggests (rightly in general) other books we may like? Or when Google, contemporaneous oracle, “guesses” the exact word we meant to write or the theme we were looking for?

Of course, we know that we are making reference to two worldwide Big Data titans, and therefore the best customer engagement experts. However, on a very reduced scale we note that the same effect can be achieved. Let’s see this in an everyday example: How does it make us feel that the waiter of a restaurant which we enter a second time remembers what we liked the previous time?

It makes us feel special! And precisely that is the concept behind “customer engagement”, the commitment between the brand and the customer is all about a real and interested conversation which we hold with the customers, in which they have gained a real place, because we listen and remember their needs.

Let us briefly sum up the “customer engagement” focal points at the contact center

To know our customers

To know which channels they prefer to use for communication (Multichannel Strategy)

To know and distinguish their conversational styles (Operative Management)

To discover what makes them return to our company (Segmentation)

To convey values and motivating partners (People Management)

However, to remember the needs of thousands of clients is impossible. It is precisely there when Big Data comes to our assistance with its tools, helping us in the task of data intelligence, optimizing them, making our customers and contributors’ experience richer, and increasing our operation profitability. And this is because less misunderstandings and more wise choices are equal to greater engagement and lower costs.

It does not happen to be utopic to think that we can obtain our clients’ “engagement” at our industry, that we can offer that amazes them, as happens to us when entering some mentioned sites. But to obtain this it is imperative to catch up, to meditate on these issues and to start to work on them. The future is already here, among us. Do not fear innovation!, since it is synonym of growth and sustainability.

Further discussion on this issue will appear on future articles.

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