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Call centre as career options

call-center-1080x675Call centre is a common word for many of us as young people in metros have experiences of working in various call centres. Now, we need to know what is this all about and how one can be involved with this. All of us use mobile phone and many times we call up the call centre whenever we have any issue with the network or the charges or any other offers.

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TeleTech Appoints Michael Wellman as Chief People Officer

michael wellmanDenver, CO, USA, June 20, 2016 -- TeleTech Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: TTEC), a provider of customer experience, engagement and growth solutions, announced the appointment of Michael Wellman as the Company's chief people officer (CPO). Wellman will lead a worldwide Human Capital organization with a focus on executing an innovative, forward-thinking people strategy to attract top talent and develop, reward and retain TeleTech's employees.

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Why anyone that inspire others will became a leader?

Sabrina LoggiaAt the time to describe the skills of a modern boss the extensive literature on the topic uses the term "inspiring" as one of the attributes that they have got. But what means exactly this term? , What should inspire a boss? is a capacity that exists in all persons? About these and other issues, said Sabrina Loggia, Argentina Randstad inhouse service HR.

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GBPA Partnership to Boost Employability of Grand Bahama Graduates‏

notainglesPLANNING FOR HUMAN CAPITAL DEVELOPMENT: Members of the Grand Bahama Principal’s Association gathered at the Freeport Gospel Chapel School this past Thursday, as officials of GBPA and Island Outsourcers, a subsidiary of iTelBPO Solutions, introduced ‘Contact Center Education Initiative’. The collaborative effort between the two is projected to boost the employability of graduating Grand Bahama students.

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The relationship with customers in liquid times

relojes DaliIn 1999 the Polish sociologist, Zygmunt Bauman used the term "liquid" to describe the speed that characterizes the modern times, in which in his own words we do not stop being one thing to became in another and which immediately replaces the depth.

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LBMC Bolsters Commitment to Client Experience and Strategic Growth through Executive Leadership Appointments

366901NASHVILLE, Tenn., May 12, 2016 - LBMC, one of the Southeast's largest accounting and business consulting firms, today announced executive leadership appointments meant to bolster strategic initiatives centered around client service and company growth.

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The leader, a "storyteller"

storytellerThe Anglo-Saxons called: storytelling to storytelling which forms the basis of all human society. We build the world in which we live from our stories and personal myths. Similarly, in enterprises, shared stories create a meaning for all members of the Organization, originate a dynamic power and help people achieve extraordinary results.

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New TeleTech E-Book Shares Tips on How to Transform the Contact Center Mindse

teletech thumbnailDENVER, March 10, 2016 - TeleTech Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: TTEC), a leading global provider of customer experience, engagement and growth solutions, has released a new e-book on the transformation happening within the contact center. Companies are beginning to make a conscious effort to understand why their customers are contacting them, inspiring them to rethink how they operate.

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Training: Mr. Miyagi lessons on “Karate Kid”

leccionesIn this article we are going to revise some lessons on how to teach by Mr. Miyagi, who starred the teacher at “Karate Kid”. Let us remember that on the mentioned movie, the teacher trains a teenager on karate using a method which a priori appears to be strange.

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New White Paper Series from Randstad Sourceright Explores Best Practices in Diversity Hiring

notarandstadATLANTA, March 10, 2015-- Randstad Sourceright, a global talent leader, today announced the launch of its latest white paper series, which will address key topics in global workforce diversity and share best practices for fostering a diverse workforce to drive better business outcomes across geographic locations.

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Maslow’s inverted pyramid: a reflection on human motivation at work

edimaripIn 1943 the psychologist Abraham Maslow proposed a theory about the origins of human motivation. There he classified the needs hierarchically using a geometric figure known as Maslow’s Pyramid.

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