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Blueprint on Contact Centre Operations 2016 – Research and Markets

call45The inaugural Contact Centre Operations Blueprint has been launched, presenting a look at the evolution of the Contact Centre Operations market to a more agile, consumer-centric As-a-Service Economy that includes increasingly diverse talent, analytics, and platform-based services.

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Work stress: the delicate balance between what we do, what we can and what we do

estrsWork-related stress is generally associated with too much pressure, responsibility and demanding work. Also, work environments hostile and precarious, although these statements are true, stress surprises us with another edge since doing something that we like very much in a nice space also can cause it.

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What does the senior management sense about generation Y’s values?

lupaY“Value-based diversity”, the study conducted by The Economist on October 2013, revealed the main values motivating Y Generation youngsters according to senior management point of view. To carry out this research, 228 executives responsible for the development of their companies’ human resources strategy belonging to 19 different sectors were interviewed.

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One Transaction at a Time: Businesses Fail to Deliver on CEM Programs

call41Buenos Aires, May 7, 2014 — A new study from Avaya, a global provider of business collaboration and communications solutions and services, investigates the emphasis companies are putting on customer experience management (CEM) and finds that increasingly high expectations are creating a business environment where the majority of organizations are struggling to keep up.

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The Art of Feedback: 5 Tactics that Work

feedback1A few weeks ago, I wrote about the importance of real-time, 360 reviews in the workplace, or something I call “On-the-Spot” performance reviews. But feedback by itself won’t necessarily spur positive change—regardless of when it’s delivered. What matters is how team members receive the feedback and what they do with it.

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