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“Guatemala is becoming the best nearshore destination of Central America and the caribbean for the BPO industry”

blue1Today in Guatemala there is 60,000 agents in the BPO industry, presence of big national and international companies, services exported to the United States, Canada, Mexico, the caribbean and Spain. Its industry is highly organized and along with the local government the goal is to generate over 100,000 employments within the industry by 2020 this based on a strategic plan to develop Human Resources, Infrastructure and promotion.

We spoke to Jorge Alvarado SVP of Bluemind Outsourcing located in San Pedro la Laguna. A multilingual contact center and BPO that offers multiple services to local and international clients  with a strong compromise to provide and extraordinary service.

How is today the customer service activity in Guatemala?

Guatemala is profiling as one of the best nearshore destinys of Central America and the caribbean for the BPO industry offering bilingual services (English/Spanish) with high quality standards and support in other languages such as French, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian, hebrew and others.  

When did you decide to open BlueMind in San Pedro and why?

We are a small organization focused on generating employment where there isn't but we are also focused in performing with excellence for our clients and we are fortunate enough that San Pedro receives thousands of visitors from all over the world and some decide to stay and live here so we have the advantage of being able to recruit and offer talented and highly qualified personnel in various languages from Spanish and local mayan languages and others such as Dutch, French, Italian, Hebrew and English.

What was your biggest challenge you had in the process of opening BlueMind?

Our biggest challenge was connectivity due to the remote location of this site there was no infrastructure in telecommunications adequate for a call center, but thanks to the support of one of the biggest internet providers in the country we made it and we are up and running now.

What are your near future plans and how you see BluMind then?

Our main goal is to generate employment our near future plan is to grow in our operations and have at least 100 collaborators by the last quarter of 2017.

What is BlueMind experience and what do you offer?

Lead generation, outbound and inbound sales, cold calling telemarketing and customer service, We have the best dialing technologies and call center suites (CRM) out there to offer the best processes and a good Return on investment for our clients.

What you consider a candidate must have to apply for a position in BlueMind?

Other than education and skills required for each client I think that the most important element is a good attitude and be willing to work hard, we take care of the rest, I mean we develop our agents we create a good working environment and we also give them benefits.

How do you develop your agents?

It is very important for BlueMind to train and develop our employees that is why we hire sales coaches to have sales techniques training every now and then also our schedules are flexible allowing our agents to continue studying in College, we also have weekly calibrations sessions to have a steady operation and reach KPI’s.

How did you and your partners ended up doing businesses in the call centers world?

Like most of us I started from the bottom 12 years ago, soon I started scaling reaching upper management positions in operations and client management, then I thought we could make what big corporations do with a low budget and w did it.

Hector Pinto CEO of BlueMind is a visionary entrepreneur he leads a recycling company, he also believed in the call center industry being a good chance of creating employment where there isn't and once we got together and talked about opening a site in San Pedro a place we both love and we ended up making it happen.

Douglas Castañeda Jr. COO of BlueMind with 9 years of experience in the industry with upper management positions background that lead us to contact him knowing he is capable and highly qualify to maintain a successful operation and reach KPI’s.

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