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Research: Generation Z, the challenge of the customers of tomorrow

generazAlthough we are still discovering the habits and behaviors of millennials, his successors 'Z' young people, begin to have weight in the economy especially in what refers to consumption of technology and applications. They already make decisions and in a few years will be the consumers that we will attend. For this reason, as service sector we anticipate to begin to learn how they think.

We chose a complete study carried out by the group as an introduction to the subject: TD Ameritrade in 2013. The research part to generation Z as those born between 1990 and 1999 (although there are currents that have a difference of 5 years on this). The results were based on responses from 1000 young people from U.S between 14 and 23 years, who conducted the survey online.

Relation to the work: Surprisingly and unlike the generation and the relationship to work and, in particular, fear of unemployment is a concern for 34 percent of the respondents. This concern is higher in the female population where it reaches 39% vs 29%.

Consumption: 77% of respondents own laptop and 70% a Smartphone, consumption of this last grows the age of respondents.

Installed APPs: Here is one very interesting fact, since if we consider the high percentage of respondents who possesses and interacts with electronic media and add APPs, it is evident that most of the interactions occur within this medium (see graph).


What could this mean in terms of service? Everything would indicate that it will have enough to think about it, not only in regards to contact channels but also the style of care and thus to the design of processes.

How are the contacts with the customer? Also, apparently would be reduced drastically displaced by APPs and self-service websites, and if this actually happens how we be more linked with our customers? Are how we would offer them new products and services? A challenge, no doubt that puts us to think of new models of service strategy. We will continue investigating the issue and sharing our findings through new articles.

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