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Francisco Grillo Arciniega: "We have defined 6 strategic pillars for the actions of APECCO by 2015"

fotofranciscogrilloWe talked with the Francisco Grillo Arciniega, President of APECCO (Peruvian Association of contact centers), about the challenges and opportunities that will have companies in the sector that brings the entity this year. In addition, Grillo shared his vision about the impact of the local economic situation, the strategies to take advantage of the economic Peruvian scenario, the 6 strategic pillars of APECCO and all the enthusiasm for the growth and expansion which projects the Association 2015.

What are the action plans to be developed APECCO this year?

Francisco Grillo: We have already defined the 6 strategic pillars: the development of APECCO as employer BRAND, innovation (APECCO Tech referred to technology) and improve the range and quality of services to the partners - primarily through content and activities of training, the dissemination of activities and the optimization of the normative framework. Of course, we will continue with the Award contact to the excellence APECCO, as a way to demonstrate that we are a sector that develops people. But not only will this, also, begin a campaign of success stories of people who came to managers or well thanks to this activity could develop in other areas. And finally, we also have agenda the resumption of relations with the Government, to return to the force that they had in the initial years and to say had "paled".

And how do you think that the local situation will accompany the development of industry and the plans of the entity?

Francisco Grillo: There is a sort of situation that somehow has two sides: undoubted countercyclical view side that always exists, but on the other hand the need to manage the relationship with existing customers with greater skill. If today most customers hire and sales services they will demand from us that we are making more steadily and companies have to be watching that.

Earlier, you referred to innovation as one of the 6 strategic pillars of APECCO, how do you   thought materialize it?

Francisco Grillo: We are working to give shape to the concept of "APECCO Tech", not only related to topics that have to do with the contact center, but also those related to technology to reach more people in the community. In addition, the issue of innovation and new services also are included in the Omni-channel, subjects of numerous channels and social networks.

With regard to social networks, in your opinion what degree of adoption has the companies in Peru for interaction with customers?

Francisco Grillo: I think that social networks are on the way to acquire one specific major. Still believe that any company in the Peru (this is intuitive, I don't have any data) they can show that the volume of billing for services in social networks has grown, but if they makes a zoom to turnover of these services I think will be increasing and believe that they will follow. Heading for further growth are.

Let's talk about off-shore, how does the activity of the Peru toward the region and Spain?

Francisco Grillo: This is another important issue we face as a country, although Spain still shows no signs of recovery and return to being what it was in previous years, there are signs that Argentina and Chile will continue to be important agents and will continue to grow in terms of off-shore. I think that call centers in Peru have demonstrated to our customers from Argentina and Chile that the possibilities of providing services of high quality at very competitive prices are a reality. A sample of this growth is the development of new market jobs in the country.

What are other places of the Peru developing new places?

Francisco Grillo: On the Peruvian coast, there are at least three places, which are being defined as objectives for global companies. Main cities in order are: Trujillo, Chiclayo, Arequipa eventually.

His words make you look one as attractive as challenging 2015, what do consider to be the most intelligent way to transit this scenario?

Francisco Grillo: Will certainly not be by way of entering the Red Ocean, of the struggle for the cheap price, but exactly to the contrary. It is through the blue ocean strategy, seeking to create value where still there directly. Improve the quality, productivity, be more efficient, and be able to address new services like for example the world of BPO, in order to integrate ourselves more to the productive chains of customers. COPC, from that perspective is an important pathway to follow in terms of the achievement of the generation of value. And companies have to be watching that. The "other paw" of this table - is in my opinion - the point to where we go to help these companies. And is there, where "over the shoe pinches them", and this place is not only in the phone service or sale, but start to look at other BPO services.

Before the end, what you can ahead regarding the APECCO policy in relation to other countries in the region?

Francisco Grillo: Our proposal is to the promote the exchange of experiences at the level of institutional relations, strengthen contacts with South American countries, as well as Mexico and Central America, so we can learn and have the possibility of sharing best practices with them somehow. We seek to foster a dialogue with other countries to make this industry a larger place.

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