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Sebastián Menutti: "Peru was consolidated as a hub of relocation of South America"


Within the framework of the cocktail of celebration of the 7th anniversary of APECCO (Peruvian Association of Contact Centers), Sebastián Menutti, Industry Analyst of the prestigious consulting firm Frost & Sullivan offered a conference about the current situation of the market of outsourcing contact centers in the Peru.

We could talk with him and these are scores he we made on the topic: "in the year 2013 the Peruvian market grew little less than 8% in terms of turnover ", a little less than in 2012, but still high, near Mexico and Caribbean, above Argentina and Brazil. This was strongly by the offshore from the Southern Cone, in total exceeded 385 million dollars. Only the fall of the turnover of the offshore to Spain by subjects of economic situation in that country was recorded. With respect to growth, said it expected that Peru to grow at an annual rate of 7.7%, reaching 650 million dollars in turnover by 2020.

In relation to the decrease of activity offshore from Spain, he explained that it was compensated with services offshoring in Latin America, positions in Peru attending services for Argentina and Chile. "This is a trend that already has a number of years but it continues and that has led to Peru to consolidate itself as a hub of relocation of Latin America of South America, in other way is the country that generates more revenues with this activity of internal relocation", said Menutti.

Regarding the work stations, said that: "Peru closed 2013 above 24,000 stations. In vertical telecommunications and banks, insurance and financial services account for more than 90%, giving one of the most concentrated markets in Latam".

The domestic market is growing strong in Peru because the country is doing very well in recent years and this has resulted in a greater demand for contact centers.

"There is another trend that is worth highlighting: the strong growth that have had social networks in the market." “Peru has been the second largest market of LATAM with further growth of this channel in contact centers outsourced, talk about growth of 3 digits, implying that it has doubled the business", said Industry Analyst from Frost.

Clarifying that in-house services, there may be an even bigger participation. Because no-voz (chat, email) services tend to have more penetration. But that social networks as outsourced service however showed strong growth thus represents a challenge and an opportunity for contact centers of the Peru.

"Peru continues being a very attractive market in the mix of cost - quality that provides high service quality levels," explained Menutti.

Finally, "it is to pose the challenge to regain the double-digit growth. Continue working with traditional markets: domestic, Spain and South America, but also start to conquer the U.S. market. As a second point, he propose to evolve to provide higher value-added services, and as the third point there is to continue to work on the competitiveness of the market in certifications, training and technology standards, “concluded Frost & Sullivan analyst.

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