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Francisco Grillo: "We have the first site of social media"


We talk with Francisco Grillo, CEO of Allus Peru, who told us about the beginning of the new chapter: the social media management at the company. “The management of social media at Allus comes from a long time of work. Supported on three pillars: technology, processes and people, we talk about a self-developed software management Epiron, reengineering processes of attention, WFM, quality attention profiles among others”, explained Francisco Grillo.

Understand changes in paradigms of this new channel of communication has led to Allus not just the aforementioned reengineering but also to create a Social Media Site, a space especially designed for the attention of customers in social media, which understands the rapid growth of ICT and breaks with the structure of a traditional care channel.

Grillo added: "We are proud with this project, it was born four years ago with a pilot of 5 representatives in Argentina .Today we can implement it with people and enabling tools to generate and deliver high-value solutions clients 3.0."

In Lima it already began to operate with two clients, they are soon adding a third, and some outstanding prospects.

Their main competitive advantage as well as Know How is EPIRON which describes below:

Epiron Multicanalidad & Social Media is the first software multichannel that integrates online channels in a same fully designed CRM to manage high volume of users on/off line and multiple channels at the same time, generating smart reports (immediate feedback and feedback) in each case.

EPIRON allows to manage minute conversations of customers through multiple channels (email, chat, SMS) and social networks (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google +,) among other traditional. EPIRON is the answer to 17 years of experience in relationship with clients of Allus when measuring the management agent and the end customer, making it a unique tool in the market with this possibility.

It takes the advantages of highly efficient metrics such as the measurement of productivity, effectiveness, management time, frequency and behaviors among others to accurately measure the efficiency and effectiveness of the agent and communication.

It allows that all inbound or outbound communications from the customer/prospect be identified creating an internal CRM with full information and useful that allows external brand, to interconnect with other CRM bi-directionally enriching information to be managed satisfactorily.

"As you can see this initiative is part of a strategic commitment of Allus, which goes beyond the interaction", added Grillo. "It means to involve our performance and management of large volumes of management capabilities and convert them or move them to the platform of social media." It begins another chapter in the successful management of Allus, which surely as is the case with other channels soon recorded good practices to share.

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