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Does the leadership gene?

AjedliderWhy some leaders achieve better performance on their teams? Does they have special features that distinguish them from their peers? Motivated by these questions, in 2014 the consultancy McKinsey undertook a study on the subject which revealed 4 behaviors (of a total of 20) found in more effective leaders.

For the research were interviewed 189 thousand persons belonging to 81 organizations of different segments at the global level, to assess the frequency in which the 20 most outstanding leadership behaviors demonstrated. They were previously entered by the consulting firm (based on a survey of 81 organizations of different industries and cultures).

In this way found that 89% of leaders whose teams have higher performance possess 4 characteristics: they are supporting, have a strong results orientation, consider different perspectives, they solve problems effectively. These appear to be components of the success in the field of leadership.

The detailed skills can be summarized in 4 items: provide help and direction (in case that partners need it), share a mission that is measurable, diversity management and capacity management.

However, the research opens another question, what kind of leadership requires each context and every industry in particular. Understanding that above capabilities are common to the figure of the leader, each business and stage require an own leadership style.

If we think about it in the contact center industry, we know the existence of genes relating to leadership - generic - but we still lack something very important: learn what those specifics that must have a leader so that his team has high performance in this industry.

The starting point is let’s look into what were the most successful campaigns? Who led them? Do you have the 4 mentioned behaviors? Also, hear the views of customers and partners.

What follows is noting that things have worked, and distinguish them from those whose results were outstanding, there is where you must place the look. Decode our own genes, behaviors and model of management and communication that were successful. And plan training programs take account of them.

Ultimately it is build a leadership style that is own business, the company and the people who are working in the organization.

The year is beginning that is an ideal time to carry it out, to think about where we are, we do very well and how can we multiply those positive behaviors to all the leaders of the company. In short, start to build a style of leadership of our industry.


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